CARBON Crowdfunding Terms and Conditions:

Kilpatrick Audio is developing a new project called Carbon and to do so we are raising the money we need through crowdfunding. Set out below are the terms and conditions of our CARBON crowdfunding project.

  1. The CARBON crowdfunding campaign will end on January 4, 2016 at 11:59 EDT.
  2. Up to two rewards can be claimed per person. Orders which exceed two units per person will be refunded.
  3. If the goal of $68,000 USD is not reached your pledge will be returned.
  4. Pledges are charged in USD. If your pledge is returned or refunded you may receive a different amount if your credit card is not in USD currency due to exchange rate fluctuations and currency conversion fees charged by your bank. Kilpatrick Audio does not charge any fees for returns or refunds.
  5. Refunds can be requested by emailing: up until the end of the campaign.
  6. Refunds will be processed within 24 hours.
  7. After the campaign ends refunds cannot be processed. Kilpatrick Audio relies on your commitment so that the project can move forward. We appreciate the support of our backers for the CARBON project.
  8. Product specifications may be subject to minor changes during the development process that may be necessary to improve the operation of CARBON or its manufacture.
  9. The model shown in crowdfunding media is a prototype. Production units may differ slightly in appearance.
  10. Shipping dates are estimates. Backers will be kept informed of the project progress through update emails on a regular basis. By backing CARBON you agree to be part of a CARBON mailing list that will inform you of important developments regarding the project.
  11. Kilpatrick Audio reserves the right to cancel any order if we suspect unfair or malicious activities. We want to make sure everyone has a fair chance to participate in our campaign.