Kilpatrick System #2


Kilpatrick System #2


Classic Eight Space System (pictured)

A full-featured system that contains all five original module types, including three oscillators! Includes eight modules, active and passive enclosure, power supply and a set of patch cords. System can be built for table-top use or with rack ears. Please specify your desired configuration when ordering.

System includes the following:

  • K1 Mixer Interface - 1x
  • K2 Pitch Oscillator - 3x
  • K3 Digital Effects - 1x
  • K4 Envelope Modulator - 2x
  • K5 Filter Amp - 1x
  • Four Space Active Enclosure - 1x
  • Four Space Passive Enclosure - 1x
  • External Power Supply - 1x
  • Assorted Patch Cords - 40x
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